Alecia is accepting clients with estimated due dates after January 2018. 


Alecia Miller is a certified birth doula through New Beginnings Doula Training.  She is also a teacher and administrator with Babywearers of Northeast Indiana.  A personal struggle with infertility drove her to dive into the holistic childbirth community to gather as much information as she could absorb.  Once she conceived, further down the rabbit hole she went.  Alecia would spend her free time searching for evidence based research to help meet her childbirth goals.  Once she realized that she could use the knowledge she was gaining to help other women meet their goals she was hooked.  It is a absolute honor to be welcomed into the intimate space of a laboring woman and Alecia cherishes every opportunity she gets to do so.

Alecia currently serves families in Fort Wayne, IN and within a 35 mile radius.  She lives on the northeast side of Fort Wayne with her supportive husband and their loving daughter who have been the driving force behind accomplishing her dream of serving laboring women.  Being a doula is her calling, and she is here to answer it.  Alecia founded Breaking Birth Barriers to support women and their families while they journey through conception, pregnancy, and labor. Being invited to help a family advocate for their wishes, provide evidence based research, and guide them through breaking birth barriers is the foundation of her passion.  She is not here to tell a woman how to birth, she is here to support a woman in giving birth her way.

Services include:

  • Preconception planning
  • Prenatal visits
  • 24 hour phone & email support
  • Evidence based research
  • Birth planning workshop
  • Continuous support for your family during labor through the first 1-2 hours postpartum
  • Postpartum follow up visit
  • Community Referrals
  • Backup doula provided as needed