Alesha Kreger is the mother of three beautiful children. She first learned about placentophagy, the consumption of the placenta following birth, during her doula training while pregnant with her second child. She chose to encapsulate the placenta of her second child and experienced the wonderful feeling of her milk coming in only hours after her first set of capsules, after having insignificant milk production with her first child. After The birth of her third child she joined the Doula Network of Fort Wayne and began to look for a program to train in the placenta arts. She found APPA, Association of Placenta Preparations and Arts, and is currently in training through their Placenta Arts Specialist program. Due to complete it in the winter of 2017.

Alesha follows all OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens Safety Standards in her preparation. She uses a sanitizing bleach solution on all equipment and instruments both before and after processing. She practices in the client’s choice of location, either in their home kitchen or in her designated kitchen space. She washes, steams, gently slices, dehydrates, and grinds the placenta into a fine powder before putting the powder into easy to swallow capsules for her clients. She offers the choice of steamed or raw dehydration methods to her clients. With a raw preparation she washes and gently slices the placenta before placing the placenta in the dehydrator, omitting the steaming step. Her clients may also choice a half and half preparation, half raw half steamed.

Basic Package starts at $200 with add on packages available