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Not long ago pregnant women were considered fragile and encouraged to take it easy and eat twice as much since they were "eating for two." Today research and studies are showing that women in any stage of pregnancy can safely exercise and that healthy lifestyle choices and optimal nutrition have tremendous benefits for mothers and babies that continues well beyond pregnancy. 

Unfortunately, being engaged and informed to create a health lifestyle for ourselves and our families is not always easy or as simple as it sounds. As a mama to four boys, Amber learned first hand how challenging and stressful it can be to try to make healthy and informed choices for herself and her family. Especially with all the conflicting ideas, information overload and trying to balance life - pregnancy fatigue, nap times, elementary school, activities, sickness, picky eaters, marriage as well as trying to take care of herself. When did motherhood get so complicated?

Amber's goal as a Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, combined with her training as a doula and background as a registered nurse, is to support mamas during the most challenging and empowering season of their lives. To help women enter this time as healthy as possible and to continue that way through pregnancy and beyond. To support women to take responsibility for and be active participants in their health and wellness. To support mamas to know how to navigate the information overload and trust their instincts to make the best decisions for themselves and their growing family. To help mamas find simple and sustainable strategies that to help themselves and their families develop a lifetime of health and wellness. 

Amber is passionate about women's health and loves naps, farmers markets, good food, dark chocolate and watching Fixer Upper! She and her husband are realizing their dream of owning a hobby farm complete with a farm house in which to raise their 4 boys. 

Offering health and wellness coaching for women's health in general, prenatal and postnatal and family via face to face coaching (for those in the northeast Indiana region), virtual coaching and online classes. Contact Amber to schedule a free initial consultation.