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The journey to becoming a mother - whether for the first time or the fifth! is an enormous life transition. Amber is a Certified Health Coach specializing in preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and women's health. 

Preconception and fertility health coaching: Whether you are just starting to begin thinking of growing your family in the coming months or you are actively trying, you probably have many questions. The Preparing for Pregnancy Program examines the impact of lifestyle factors such as healthy eating (of both partners!), stress, toxins, movement, emotions and more on fertility and sustaining a health pregnancy.

Postpartum Health Coaching: Whether you just had baby recently or gave birth months, or even years ago, you have probably noticed that so often our culture focuses on that sweet newborn and we forget about the needs of the mother who did the hard work of bringing that baby into the world. This program is all about you, mama! It's focused on supporting you in your health and wellness goals to restore hormonal balance, self-care (it's really not a dirty word!), guide you through postpartum care, lifestyle, and to feel like yourself again. 

Amber offers in-person health coaching sessions for the Fort Wayne area and virtual coaching sessions in addition to community classes and online group programs.   

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