Certified Doula

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Angie’s passion for birth began after the life-changing birth of her 4th child in 2012.  She immediately knew that helping other families’ experience how wonderful birth CAN be is what she wanted to do.  Angie believes that there is no greater gift than the birth of a child and how the birth goes will be etched in the mother’s (and father's) mind forever, good or bad.  Birth can be a special and sacred time in the parents’ life and should be treated with dignity and respect.  A woman’s body was meant to birth the baby that it grew, and she will be there every step of the way; with physical and emotional support, comforting words, and hand to hold.  She is privileged and honored that she able to play a small role in one of the greatest moments of the birthing parents’ life.

Angie embarked on the path to becoming a birth doula in October 2013 through New Beginnings Doula Training.  She successfully completed the program in May 2016.  Angie has attended hospital and home births.  In addition to being a doula, she is also a medical assistant and leader of the local ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) chapter.  Angie is available to attend births in Allen and surrounding counties.

Services provided:

  • One free consultation so that we can get to know each other and see if she is the right fit.
  • A minimum of two prenatal visits in your home lasting around an hour plus one visit with healthcare provider (if desired).
  • On call availability 24/7 starting at 36 weeks into the pregnancy until the birth.
  • Unlimited telephone and email contact.
  • Continuous support through labor, birth, and early postpartum.
  • Photos of delivery/immediate postpartum, if desired.
  • One postpartum visit in your home scheduled within the first few weeks after delivery.