Trained Doula

Beyond Beautiful Birth Services
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Ashley lives with her husband and eight children in a rural subdivision in Columbia City.  She homeschools and enjoys reading, crafting and the great outdoors.  She is a huge advocate for adoption, people with special needs, babywearing, cloth diapering and breastfeeding.

Always having a desire for an intervention-free birth, many of Ashley's birth experiences were less than ideal.  Her first two deliveries were inundated with interventions, mostly because she wasn't aware of her rights or options in the hospital.  After much personal research, her third hospital delivery was intervention-free, but very emotional due to constantly defending her birth choices.  Not desiring those same challenges with her fourth child, she planned a homebirth.  It was Beyond Beautiful.  Unfortunately, due to unforeseen medical complications, her fifth child’s planned homebirth started in the hospital and ended in an emergency cesarean section.  She was extremely thankful to have a successful vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) with her sixth.

Because of these varied experiences, Ashley personally understands the difference it makes to have a supportive environment and informed choice and wants to provide that for other families.  She strongly believes that every parent should have access to evidence-based information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, understand their parental rights and know their options for childbirth.  And she is happy to give support in any setting, whether it’s in a hospital, birthing center or at home.  

Ashley attended a doula training course in 2013 through Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA).  She has had the honor to serve families now for almost five years, and is looking forward to supporting families in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas for years to come!  All women can benefit from the support of a doula, and Ashley would be honored to be invited into your birth space to support your birth choices.

Services include:

  • Free consultation
  • Ongoing 24-hour telephone, text and/or e-mail support
  • 1-3 prenatal visits as needed
  • Assistance in creating a birth plan
  • Emotional, physical and informational support before, during and after birth
  • Birth Timeline
  • Initial breastfeeding support
  • 1 postpartum visit with the family in their home
  • Photos during labor and/or delivery as requested (with family's equipment)
  • Baby-wearing education and support