I gained a greater understanding and confidence. I really enjoyed the pain management section and how it helped the partners get involved and take an active role. I think it greatly helped us grasp what to expect.
— Pamela, first-time mother, from childbirth education class
I truly feel the information was excellent! It was presented in a way that was easy to understand and made me excited to experience labor with my partner. The level of confidence I feel now is above and beyond what I ever expected. I feel like I can go into labor trusting myself and my husband to made educated, informed decisions. Thank you!
— Molly, first-time mother, from childbirth education class
The reality of childbirth was talked about in great detail which I feel will better prepare me for this ‘marathon’. I had also taken the hospital’s classes for my first child and can honestly say don’t waste your time! Head over to Birth Matters and do it right the first time!
— Marshelle, second-time mother, from childbirth education class
This was exactly what I needed to help my wife navigate her specific labor without really knowing it, and lead the birth in a hospital working with the doctor and staff. Thanks!
— Sean, first-time father, from childbirth education class
Understanding what my wife will be going through and how to support her and advocate for her and our baby, has given me more confidence as a partner.
— Kurt from childbirth education class