Why placenta encapsulation?  

Anecdotally, women who consume their placenta in the postpartum period often report more even moods, with some reporting greater (or earlier) breastmilk supply and/or greater energy as well.  Published, peer-reviewed research is scarce at this time—it’s true—but giving birth and delivering the baby’s placenta is sometimes likened to “instant menopause” in terms of the sudden hormone shift.  Gradual placentophagy (consuming one’s placenta in some form) is thought to help ease that hormonal transition from pregnant to no-longer-pregnant, as this period is often an emotional roller coaster in many ways.  Having it processed into capsule form is the most requested preparation form, by far, but other services available by request include fresh fruit smoothies and tincture (additional fee applies for either) as well as art prints and dried cord art (included with encapsulation service, if desired).

Kristin is a DONA-certified birth doula and a placenta encapsulator serving Fort Wayne and the surrounding region.  She has maintained a busy practice with both services since 2010.  Placenta encapsulation services are offered both a la carte and as an add-on to birth doula services.  She usually uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of preparation (steaming first) but is happy to discuss individual preferences for raw dehydration as well.  The placenta is rinsed well, steamed, sliced, dehydrated at a low temperature, then ground, with the resulting powder poured into capsules.  As placenta size varies, so does capsule quantity (average: 100 when steamed first, noticeably more when dehydrated raw).  Strict OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and Indiana State Department of Health food safety certification guidelines are followed at all times:  disposable gloves, mask, and other protective gear are worn throughout preparation and a sanitizing bleach solution is used on all non-disposable preparation equipment both before and after use.  Never is more than one placenta processed at any given time, so there is no chance of mix-up or cross-contamination.  Barring unusual circumstances, Kristin typically returns the finished product to the rightful owner within 24 hours of pick-up.  Information sheet and recommended dosage instructions are included. References available upon request.    

Questions? Feel free to contact Kristin anytime!