Kristin was a calm, confident and informed doula. She was a valuable resource throughout the whole process from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Kristin was my voice during labor. For although I thought I would be more in control, I found myself so focused on labor that I really truly required a voice and a guide. Through various techniques, Kristin helped to hasten the labor process while keeping me as comfortable as possible. Thanks to her help I was able to deliver vaginally in less than 4 hours without any analgesia (despite being induced with Pitocin). My entire labor and delivery experience was so much better than I could have ever imagined thanks mostly to Kristin’s skills and expertise.
— Shawna, 2011
Wonderful experience; I wish I would have hired a doula for my other births!
— Jazzmin, 2010
Kristin took great care of us before Áine was born. She assisted us superbly through a quick labor with young siblings in attendance, and she went above and beyond helping us settle in physically and emotionally after the birth – months beyond! She was especially supportive regarding breastfeeding difficulties. We love her!
— Jen, 2010
We didn’t know what to expect during our first birth and Kristin was an excellent source of information before, during, and after. When we met before the birth, we were able to ask any questions we had and she knew just how to answer them. She was an awesome support during the labor and delivery itself. She put me at ease and was very helpful and encouraging for my natural birth plan. She stayed until baby and I had established successful nursing and followed up a few days later to make sure things were going well. Kristin was a fantastic addition to my birthing team and I can’t imagine my first birth without her!
— Shauna, 2011
Kristin was everything I could have asked for in a doula and more. We communicated frequently during my pregnancy and she was very helpful when I chose to switch to midwifery care toward the end of my pregnancy. By the time I went into labor it was like having a best friend alongside me. While I was laboring, she helped me first at my home and then traveled to the hospital. She was the most encouraging and compassionate support person. Kristin will always be very special to our family.
— Lyndsey, 2011
I have the unique experience of having had Kristin at my birth, attended births where she was the doula, and I even attended her birth as a photographer. She is truly a wonderful presence at birth. She is calm and strong and very good at anticipating needs of both the laboring mama and the family she is attending. It has been such a gift to witness her work and to have her there when I was in the work myself. I have even called on her for trauma separate from birth but when I really needed a doula’s attention to keep me sane. She is a gift before, during and after the arrival of the baby. I highly recommend Kristin to any family considering a doula for this special time in their lives.
— Koren, 2012
It was so wonderful having Kristin there in the assistance of our son’s birth. We both could not imagine going through that without her! Kristin was with us as soon as I was admitted to the hospital and didn’t leave till after I delivered. She provided comfort to me by rubbing my feet while i was having contractions, answering my questions, and making sure the nurse was respecting my wishes. My husband really appreciated that she thought to ask him if he needed anything. Kristin also took pictures for us while I was delivering, which allowed my husband to have his full attention on me and the baby. Overall, Kristin was fantastic and I felt very supported by her.
— Christina, 2012
Kristin was a great support to us during the hospital VBAC birth of our third child. She helped keep me focused and calm during a very intense 3 hour labor and delivery. She was wonderful during the postpartum recovery period as well.
— Kelley, 2012 (and again in 2014)
Kristin was a treasured resource from the day we met. She provided valuable information and birthing preparation tools. Kristin was a calm, supportive presence during labor and gave exceptional breastfeeding support. My family loves her and I can’t imagine a birth without her, she is a true asset.
— Chelsea, 2012 (and again in 2014)
Kristin’s knowledge and support were instrumental in helping my husband and I to have the medication and intervention-free birth at home that we had hoped for. I will forever be grateful for her patience and help planning and processing through all the stressors prior to the birth and for the way she respects the sacred event of labor and birth.
— Candice, 2012
Kristin was an integral part of my successful unmedicated hospital VBAC. The support she provided helped my husband and I navigate hospital politics to attain the birth we wanted. Her presence during labor and birth gave both my husband and me security and confidence that we were capable of success. She helped me with positioning, pain management, and was a wonderful cheerleader! Kristin is friendly, relaxed, knowledgeable, and fun. She will remain my doula of choice for any future births.
— Kelly, 2013
I had talked myself out of hiring a doula with my first two births but went ahead and hired Kristin for my third. One of the first things I said to my husband after our son was born was, ‘Kristin was worth double what we paid her!’ I think one of the greatest things about Kristin is that she has such a kind heart, genuinely cares for you, and wants to help. She was a tremendous comfort to me in the tender few weeks before my labor, and she talked me through some irrational hormonal meltdowns. When I was considering switching care providers at 35 weeks she helped me navigate it. I can’t stress enough what a phenomenal resource Kristin is. When I was switching care providers she sent me a list of midwives and doctors she could recommend, along with her experiences with each one. When I needed to see a chiropractor she rattled off a list of names. After delivery she had suggestions to help with my nausea and mastitis. She has a ton of labor tricks up her sleeve as well! Even though she is so knowledgable she is not pushy or commanding at all. During labor she is very calm, quiet, and perceptive about when you need help or what kinds of suggestions might be useful. Even though she was by my side the entire labor I never felt smothered. She kept both me and my husband calm. We have such fond memories of our birth experience, and were so touched that Kristin cared so well for all of us.
— Sarah, 2013 (and again in 2015)
I could not have asked for a better doula than Kristin. It being my first pregnancy, I had every nervous thought a soon-to-be first-time mom could muster, and Kristin was the most attentive, compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable person, who became more than just someone we ‘hired’ but a partner in this journey for my husband and me. And when that baby decided it was time to come into this world, I am proud to say that I had a doula as loving and calming as Kristin by my side the whole time. She continued her superb services after my son was born, making the transition into motherhood just a little be easier. She will always be a very special part of me becoming a mom.
— Emily, 2013
Kristin was there for me during all the twists and turns of my last several weeks of pregnancy and after with breastfeeding support. She had all kinds of noninvasive suggestions to try to get my breech daughter to turn, and she held my hand as we even tried a manual version at the hospital. What’s best is she didn’t push advice at me as so many tend to do, but knew just how to provide only what I asked without judgment. More than her knowledge and presence though, she helped me process my emotions as I accepted a C-section after months of planning for an all natural home birth. She gave me information on how to make my hospital birth as natural as possible and with her help we started kangaroo care and breastfeeding right in OR. And she even captured the moment on camera! I’m sure my experience would not have been nearly as positive without her. She was wonderful!
— Carrie, 2013
I cannot say enough good things about Kristin. She served as our birth doula during my third pregnancy, and I’m so happy with our decision to hire her and the services she provided for my family and me.

I had some health concerns during my pregnancy, and Kristin was there for me every step of the way. She helped me to evaluate different birth scenarios in the event we were unable to have our baby where we wanted to and come up with ideas to improve on the situation. This lady drove around for 3 weeks with a rental tub in the back of her van *just in case* I had to go to the hospital and the tub there was occupied. No joke. That is just one example of the ways she went above and beyond to help us have the birth we wanted.

Kristin was respectful of all of our choices, easy to talk to, quick to reply to my concerns, and generally just a joy to have along for the ride. I’m so thankful for her presence during the end of my pregnancy when I was feeling anxious about my health and unsure about how our birth would unfold. Even with almost 2 weeks of nightly ‘Is This It?’ contractions and one trip to the birthing center where everything stalled, I never felt like I was bothering her. Her patience and calm were such wonderful assets to us.

Kristin has tons of knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth, and was a huge help to me in answering questions like, ‘How can I get this baby to turn?’ and ‘How in the world does anybody navigate the Spinning Babies website?’ I really appreciated her help in looking for answers to my questions.

I would absolutely recommend Kristin in a heartbeat.
— Heather, 2013
Kristin was amazing from the very first meeting through the last follow up after we came home with the baby. I am a first-time mom and an overly organized researcher by nature and Kristin was amazing with my million questions/concerns throughout my pregnancy. I ended up with a very scary situation during labor and she helped tremendously to keep my husband and me calm and talk through our options since we would not be able to have what our birth plan entailed. She stuck with me through 34 hours of labor, an emergency c-section, and a very scary infection that caused me an extended hospital stay and sending my son to the NICU. We loved all the care and extra support we received from Kristin through the entire process and would highly recommend using her to anyone.
— Kristi, 2013
Kristin was a huge asset during the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period of our first baby; we cannot imagine going through those experiences without her. Kristin’s communication is top-notch, and it was so reassuring knowing she was only a phone call, text, or email away. She was a comforting sounding board for me during my pregnancy and I valued her input as a mother of four. When I first started having contractions, I consulted with her on when we should depart for the birthing center. It helped so much having her there throughout labor and easing me through contractions with touch and encouraging words. She was also a great source of support for my husband, offering suggestions to him during labor, and staying with me when he had to take a break. Kristin captured invaluable moments of the birth in photos, which we will always treasure. Right after the birth as I was recovering, Kristin prepared me a hot plate of food and fed me as I nursed our son for the first time. As I desired to have my placenta encapsulated, it was ideal that she performed this service and could immediately take it after the birth. Kristin was also there for all my questions and concerns as a first-time mom, and it was so great having her as a resource. My husband and I highly recommend Kristin as a doula!
— Stacy, 2013