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Lindsey Maxwell is a certified postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and home organizer. She happily fell into this profession in 2010, shortly after graduating from Indiana University-Bloomington with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Health Science. Lindsey’s coursework led her to volunteer and internship opportunities within the birth community where she felt motivated to help others fulfill their goals and have satisfying experiences as new parents.

After becoming a mother in 2015, Lindsey truly understood how community support and dependable resources could make all the difference in the perinatal period. She sensed how lifestyle and organizational habits could affect a family's home environment, functionality, and overall level of happiness. 

Lindsey is passionate about organizing and assisting others. Her goal is to hold space for families while helping in practical and gentle ways. Lindsey’s attention to detail, patience, and non-judgmental outlook can help you feel empowered as you find what works for you. 

Services include:

  • Free meet-and-greets

  • Cleaning and organizing sessions

  • Postpartum guidance and support

  • Custom perinatal consultations