Northeast Indiana Doula Services
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Lora is a Birth and Bereavement Doula certified through StillBirthDay, supporting families during pregnancy, labor and birth in any trimester and any outcome. She is also a certified Postpartum Doula who can serve you post-birth.

Lora is a valuable part of any birth or postpartum team, nurturing, observant, respectful and sensitive by nature. In the case of loss, she will work with you to support your needs, choosing your options and providing resources.

If you are a parent and experiencing a miscarriage or expect to be…if you are experiencing loss in the womb, your journey is as valid and important as any live outcome.

You deserve the support and consideration of bonding with your baby, laboring with your baby, and greeting your baby. And you deserve an honoring goodbye.

Free consultation
Email, phone, and text support
Miscarriage and infant loss support in home, hospital, or emergency room.

Bereavement Doula services include, but are not limited to emotional and physical support and comforts, doctor’s appointments, a birth plan, processing and listening, resources; phone support; doula on-call time; labor and delivery support; immediate support postpartum; postpartum visit.

To find out more, request additional information, or schedule a free consultation, please feel free to contact Lora.