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Michelle Gresham and Danielle Maziarz are identical twin sisters who reside out of Fort Wayne and Auburn, respectively. Their journey into birth work began in the summer of 2014, as they became Northeast Indiana’s first and only dedicated birth photographers. While many of Fort Wayne’s leading photographers also offer birth photography services, Michelle and Danielle maintain a steadfast devotion to documenting the stories of birthing women and their families, both through imagery and full length films.

After stepping away from many births and being thanked by women and their partners for “unofficially” filling the role of doula, Michelle and Danielle decided to enroll in Birth Arts International to certify as doulas. To further their education, they also completed a DONA training course in March of 2019.

While many families greatly desire a doula AND birth photographer, some of them feel financially burdened by the costs associated with these two separate - but equally important - services. In recognition of that, Michelle and Danielle believe that birthing families will now have access to the best of both worlds, if they so choose.

Having birthed eight children between them, Michelle and Danielle believe their own unique, personal experiences with pregnancy, labor, and birth only help to better serve their clients. Not one of their babies’ birth stories are the same, and this gives Michelle and Danielle a greater appreciation for how diverse the labor and birth experience can be for any one woman. Even for a seasoned mother, a doula is an important and essential part of a birthing woman’s support team.

Michelle and Danielle’s Christian faith is the foundation of who they are and how they practice, and they believe birth is a sacred, miraculous event designed by God. They have been honored to serve birthing families from all walks of life and look forward to caring for future families with love, support, and compassion.

ABOUT MICHELLE: Michelle is married to Phillip and mama to five children - Dallas, Scarlett, Henry, Ruby, and Miriam - ranging in age from 12 years to 1 year. She is passionate about, and actively involved in, the human rights movement of genital integrity and bodily autonomy. She believes that all human beings are fearfully and wonderfully made, purposely designed by our Creator. Michelle also believes that all families deserve the right to medical freedom and should have the ability to make evidence based decisions with informed consent.

ABOUT DANIELLE: Danielle, a busy mama to four children - Cade, Jack, Charlie, and Elly - has been married to Joshua for twelve years. Together, they enjoy homesteading and believe in self-sufficient living. Danielle is passionate about all things holistic and whole health wellness, which includes exercising and juicing. Like her sister, she is also an advocate for informed consent and medical freedom.

Michelle and Danielle’s services include:

  • A complimentary meet & greet, where they will treat you to coffee or lunch, as you discuss your birth plans and desires

  • Flexible payment plans

  • 10% off for families who are under the care of Michelle and Danielle’s “preferred providers”

  • Two prenatal visits, to talk about the goals you have for your birth

  • Access to list of local resources

  • Assistance in creating a birth plan that is tailored to your needs (if desired)

  • 24/7 support, advice, and encouragement through pregnancy (by phone, text, or email)

  • Emotional and physical support beginning at the onset of active labor

  • Immediate postpartum support and help with baby’s first feeding

  • One in-home postpartum visit, to talk about your birth and/or help with simple household tasks

  • Professional birth photography (additional $200)