Certified Childbirth Educator, CCE

Birth Matters
Co-founder, Director, Childbirth Educator
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Like most, Hallie grew up knowing very little about birth.  She certainly didn't know there was value in the experience and in the transition into parenthood.  And like many in the birthing community, it was becoming a parent herself that allowed her to peer behind the curtain and see what had been hidden - that childbirth and parenthood are transformative.  They are milestone moments.  

Over and over we are inundated with messages that minimize the importance of childbirth and undermine our ability to believe we can even do it!  That realization led to the creation of Hallie's passion to change the status-quo and she became a birth doula and childbirth educator.  Since 2001 Hallie has been working to educate and support women and their partners during their own journeys towards parenthood.  People are often skeptical of her passion and make grand assumptions that she has an "agenda" as she works with expectant families.  They are right.  She does.  Her agenda is to help each family find their own agenda for their upcoming birth experience.  Once they see it clearly, she is there to stand alongside them as they walk down that road together.

Hallie is certified as a childbirth educator through Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan New York (CEA/MNY) and was certified as a birth doula through Doulas of North America (DONA).  After living in New York City for over eighteen years, Hallie moved back to her hometown of Fort Wayne in 2007 where she lives with her husband and five children.  Her passion for childbirth education led her to start Birth Matters, a family education center dedicated to prenatal and postpartum education and support.  Her hope is to one day open a free-standing childbirth education center where parents and families can come during pregnancy and long beyond. 

In the clip below, you can watch an interview with Hallie as she talks about the importance of Childbirth Education and doulas: